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The Noble Experiment


The Noble Experiment


Inspired by the 1920s prohibition era, where cocktails thrived and bootlegging flourished, The Noble Experiment brings an element of theatre to every drink and plate of food served. 


An old-meets-new approach brings fine food and experimental cocktails into a world where classic is infused with contemporary. Stunning plates of fresh, seasonal produce are paired with an imaginative offering of local and imported gins, the world's finest whiskies, industry-leading cocktails and barrel-aged concoctions. 


A montage of private and open spaces let you choose your own adventure. Think pop up basement bars, cocktails on tap or a vintage Absinthe fountain surrounded by the comfiest chesterfield lounges. This three-tiered bar has been designed to explore.  



The food is inspiring, rustic and focused on locally sourced quality ingredients.
It's food that you can come to eat with friends and family. Rotating seasonally, our menu is curated to entice your tastebuds no matter what your taste palette might be! (We're not called the Noble Experiment for nothing)


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The Noble Experiment isn't only our name but also how we describe the drinks we offer. 
Our interest in the classics is encompassed in the 'Noble' and our tendency to play around and make variations is shown in the 'Experiment'. Now that you know what we are about....




What's your poison? 


The Noble Experiment has three distinct spaces. Our Mezzanine is a quaint and intimate cocktail bar perfect for private drinks, the ground level restaurant is an ambient space for groups big and small, and the basement is a bit of a chameleon; used for innovative functions and semi-permanent installations.




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