• The Noble Experiment (map)
  • 284 Smith Street
  • Collingwood, Victoria, 3066
  • Australia

From the slums of the 1930s, we’ll bring the colourful past of Fitzroy to life with stories of local moonshiners, bootleggers and cocktail champions over an exploratory five-course cocktail feast.

Local botanicals come through in Australian gin. You can almost taste the Tasmanian landscape in a whisky from Van Dieman's land. What stories can our cocktails tell?

Fitzroy was once home to a network of underground tunnels, which linked bottleshops and corner stores to suppliers below the hustle and bustle of one of Melbourne's busiest slums. The Noble Experiment will bring these stories to life through an unconventional food and drink experience.

Vintage recipes washed to Australian shores with waves of migrants will be matched with five courses of local seasonal produce. This noble feast will intermingle literature, mixology and fine gastronomy in an innovative concoction of tales untold.