Thursday 19th February 2015

We are very lucky to work with the team behind Spade & Barrow. They are a business that is truly dedicated to supporting only Australian fruit and vegetable growers and farmers. These guys constantly struggle - especially if their crop is not bought in mass, at below cost price, by big corporations. 

Spade & Barrow views food that is deemed by major retailers as aesthetically imperfect not as cause for despair, but as a beautiful, vaulable, front and centre star which they have renamed Natures Grade produce because it is food as nature intended, after all not every carrot can be a supermodel!

We proudly use Natures Grade fruits and vegetables everyday in our restaurant. To show the quality of this produce, and to support the little guys, we are holding a unique vegetarian tasting menu on Thursday 19th February for $45 per person. 

To book tickets, please click the link below: