The story of the project

Inspired by the 1920's prohibition era, where cocktails thrived and bootlegging flourished, The Noble Experiment brings an element of theatre to every drink and plate of food served. Located in the growing bar and restaurant mecca of Smith Street, Collingwood, The Noble Experiment specialises in experimental dining, cocktails and their biggest love, whisky.

Owner Daniel Lemura is a builder and creator with a penchant for whisky. There is nothing that Daniel cannot tell you about whisky and you can find him discussing the subtleties of a single malt over the bar any day of the week. His passion for whisky led him to establish the Noble Bootleggers, experimenting with barrel finishing a selection of whiskies on site at The Noble Experiment.

For three years the team have been working on a selection of different finishes and experimenting with different flavour profiles. We now feel that we have a single malt barrel finished whisky that we want to share with the public and we need your help to make it happen.

How the funds will be used

To make this happen we need your support and your funds will go towards new barrels, bottles and of course the base whisky.


The main challenge is sourcing the quality components to bring this all together.  Finding the right barrels and base whisky in Australia is not only difficult but also expensive.

The next challenge is sourcing the bottles.  The ideal bottles need to be imported from overseas which takes time and adds to the overall expensse.

Once we have the whisky, the barrels and the bottles the next challenge is getting the blend right.  Luckily with all the experimenting we have done and with Dan's knowledge and intuition the challenge is minimal but still there.