Dan was born with a hammer in his hand. He is the builder and creator with a penchant for whisky. There is nothing that Dan cannot tell you about whiskies and you can find him discussing the subtleties of a single malt over the bar any day of the week, He has managed some of Melbourne's most prominent venues but is best at home in his own bar, which showcases some of his handy work and tasteful construction.




Miss Pinup Australia 2014, Kristin is the master of ceremonies at The Noble Experiment and has a diverse background in hospitality ventures. She is well versed in the management of a venue and her emphasis is on impeccable service and providing patrons with an unforgettable evening of dining and drinking. She is currently in charge of functions and is happy to facilitate your booking enquiries. 



Buck was born and bred in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland before venturing to the Gold Coast in his early twenties where he truly discovered his passion for hospitality. It took leaving Australia to North America to discover his love and passion for cocktails. Spending over half a decade in North America, Buck has finally come home to help celebrate Australia’s great and diverse drinking culture.